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Dan is a financial consultant, author and an accomplished martial artist. His career began in the late 90’s with New England Financial. In 2005, Dan and several partners formed Creative Financial Partners. They started CFP with the intention to have a client first philosophy & that has continued throughout the balance of his career.

In 2021 he started his own agency, DeVerna & Co Financial. In rebranding the business, we really deliberated on the name & the purpose of our business. We exist to show people the way. We have really developed a system and a process for everything. Walking hundreds of people through retirement is our purpose. Most everyone retires one time, but I have the privilege of retiring hundreds of times. Dan notes, “We have the flexibility of building our business with clients’ needs and wants due to the fact that we don’t pledge alliance to any one company.” Dan works primarily with hardworking people in the later stages of their careers to strengthen and help to protect their financial position while also supporting clients in reaching their financial goals.

Dan has authored several books, Retirement is Just the Beginning, a series which focuses on union workers, medical professionals, railroad workers and first responders. He also co-authored Wanderlust A Guide to Destination Living. Dan also hosts a podcast where he enjoys engaging with guests to discuss an assortment of topics of interest. Often Dan is asked why he wrote the books and it’s an easy answer.  Over the last 20+ years in this business, the amount of knowledge that has been accumulated is amazing. Putting all this information into a book to show people some of the strengths and weaknesses, along with pitfalls, was a great exercise that has helped many people. We have found many of our clients come back with great questions after looking through the books and they are also able to recognize that they are working with someone who has “been there before.”   The Wanderlust book was really written just for fun and to help people brainstorm places to retire. It covers many of the areas of the country where our clients have retired to and the advantages and disadvantages of those different areas.

Dan lives in Perrysburg, Ohio and has four children: Derek, Drake, Chloe and Brody. Martial arts has played a major role in Dan’s life. Along with regular practice and teaching, Dan helped found MAAM (Martial Artists for the Advancement of Mindfulness) which is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization that helps enable young people to continue in martial arts. At this point, MAAM has given away thousands of scholarships to those who could not otherwise practice martial arts. Giving back to martial arts is a very meaningful part of Dan’s life as it has given him so much in the way of mental and physical health.


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