Whatever stage you are in life, we can help you devise a plan that helps you meet more of your needs. It’s never too late — or too early — to plan for and protect your future. Planning is more than investing; it’s assessing your needs, your family’s needs, risks, and desires. Together we can start planning for your Golden Years, whether you picture a cabin by a lake or a trip around the world.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
~ William Shakespeare


Retirement Planning*

In today’s environment of disappearing pensions and the uncertain future of Social Security, it’s important to have a qualified, trusted professional working in your best interests

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a basic need for most of us, yet determining what type and how much to buy is a very confusing choice. Term insurance or permanent coverage?

College Funding*

There are several tax-advantaged savings vehicles available to help families in these uncertain times. Some options are 529 plans, educational savings accounts, Coverdell savings plans, uniform gifts to minors plans and even over-funded life insurance policies.

Investment Planning*

We base our recommendations on independent research and suitability factors like your age, income, stage in life and long-term goals. We believe in treating each client as an individual, and not just another account number.

Disability Income Insurance*

You might have insurance if you were to get sick or die, or if your house burned down, but is your family truly protected? Many people overlook their biggest asset – their ability to earn income in the future. If you were alive, but unable to work and earn income, how would your family make ends meet?

Estate Planning

It pays to look at your assets from an estate perspective. Do you know how many of your assets will be subject to federal and state estate tax upon your death? Did you know it can be as high as 45 percent?† A little planning now can pay big dividends down the road to your children and charitable beneficiaries.

Long-Term Care Planning

Chances are you’ve seen the effects of long-term care on a family or friend. Maybe their estate was drained paying for nursing home care, or maybe they had to ask their children to care for them. As many people are finding out, in an extended care setting, the government only steps in to help after you’ve depleted your assets. This can leave little for a surviving spouse to live on, and even less to pass down to children.

401(k), 403(b), IRA and SEP Plans*

Many retirement plans exist whether you work for a corporation, small business, nonprofit, governmental agency, or even if you’re self-employed.

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