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My job is an interesting one! I help people answer the two questions that will inevitably come up…when can I retire, and can I enjoy the same quality of life when I get there. Pretty easy, right?

To navigate those questions, figuratively it’s like inviting people on a bus, finding the right seat for them, and ensuring that they have a successful trip. What does success mean? For many, it’s accomplishing life goals and finding a sense of fulfillment.

I’m not just a financial advisor concerned about your investable assets, I’m concerned about your well-being, life events and life changes. Crafting a Comprehensive Financial Plan is essential to prepare for what’s ahead and what you want to do. It will drive your allocations and help create an Income Plan that will define how you get paid. Since life is full of changes, Income Plans are fluent and address inflation, systematic risk and tax management. Having a plan affords you the ability to pivot and sensibly make changes as they arise; without one, it’s almost like starting from scratch with unintended results.

So, let me ask you, what’s your plan?

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